The quote, “You can’t change character or behavior and leave your belief intact,” (Dallas Willard) has always motivated me. I view “belief” as being essentially your identity. I felt that by trying to influence a person’s character I would have a positive influence on them. But the more I thought about it, the more I have come to believe that this influence is only temporary — because the emphasis of changing character and behavior are based purely upon performance. Your character and behavior apart from a solid identity will constantly morph into whatever circumstances you find yourself, thus changing who you are based upon those circumstances. But to be your best self every day the opposite is the truth. When you have solidified your identity (beliefs) that then dictates your character and behavior. What you do does not define who you are.  Who you are should never change, no matter your circumstances. Everything: thoughts, words, actions, stem from your identity. This then determines your path and where you will find meaning and purpose